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Thursday August 27, 4-7pm | Friday August 28, 9am-1pm


Hunger doesn't take a break on weekends

Backpack Buddies was founded on September 5, 2019 because of the childhood hunger issues right here in our own city.

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1 in 5 children go home hungry on the weekends

We have created a program called Backpack Buddies that will support a mission of feeding our hungry children in West Volusia County schools. Orange City Elementary is our pilot school, but we hope to move on to other area schools as we grow. We can only hope that this program will provide the blessing of nutrition and bring comfort to the children of Orange City so that our youth can focus on their academics and become healthy, successful young adults.

The Principal at Orange City Elementary is very excited to get started. The school sent home registration forms and in just a few days 85 kids signed up for this program. At this time, there are 36 homeless families that attend this school.

Please stay tuned for upcoming fundraiser events as well as volunteer opportunities. Our long-term goal is to be able to help all the schools in West Volusia County starting with Orange City.

Will you join us in our mission?

Kelli Marks, President

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How It Works


We collect monetary and food donations to help support our program.


Volunteers will pack bags for the children every week and deliver them to the schools.


Students recieve their bags on Friday afternoon before they head home for the weekend.

Extended Breaks

We also hope to have extra food for extended breaks and holidays.

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Use this sign up form if you have a student in Orange Elementary.

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Food Assistance for Families

Use this sign up form if you are a family in need of food assistance.

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Food Drops

Occasionally we'll organize community giveaways for perishable and non-perisable food, PPE, and more.


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